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Construction and shading

Hello everyone, thank you for tuning in and for reading, if you read the blog, I’m using this as a script for YouTube.

The drawing you see is apart of the man vs giant series. This will, however, be uploaded to my thumbnail and drawing prosses playlist where I talk about topics like this. In This video, ill talk about and I just wanted to say I don’t think I know everything I’m still learning myself thought this might be a good topic.

· Topic is construction or constructing a drawing

· How shading should be learnt or applied last

· How things like shape and form are more important than shading

· What can you practice?

· Topic is construction or constructing a drawing

Learning to construct a drawing or the shapes of the drawing or what you are drawing is probably the first thing a beginner should focus on.

I feel that beginner artist tries to jump to finished results, without considering the shape and form of what there drawing

Or they jump right into the project thinking ill add it later. The truth is the construction of the drawing should be done first.

It allows you the most freedom and creativity, it let you make sure thing are right before you add shading or more permanent lines.

· How shading should be learnt or applied last

Shading should be learnt last it’s not as hard a people think.

I feel like it’s the simpler of the basics it’s kind of like the paint or polish on a woodworking

Project. Meaning it will only heighten what’s already there.

Remember this you can have great shading skills, but it will only show and Heighten what your drawing.

· How things like shape and form are more important than shading

Know I’m not saying that Shading isn’t important, but it has its place while things like shapes, forms, perspective and construction

Are or maybe more important than the polish of your drawing

· What can you practice?

Know what can we use in practice. I would say if you’re a beginner practice constructing shapes.

Make sure to draw though those shapes to make sure it’s right.

If you have some experience, I like practicing perspective. Constructing different shapes in perspective.

In conclusion and so this doesn’t go on don’t just jump into shading consider adding shape and form to your drawing then make them pop with your choice of medium. I’m Thomas you have been watching another drawing Illustrations and art video and I’ll see you later. Wait before you go, in the comment section below, tell me how you use shape and form.

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