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House in the forest

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to share with you this Original charcoal drawing.

I knew I wanted A house in the woods or some type of structure someone might be living out of so I started there.

I was not able to get work-in-progress images for this but here are the references I used.

This reference is apart from my own photos taken in my backyard. I liked the texture that It had so I decided to use it. I did not have any references for the house.

I started out by using a small piece of vine charcoal for the sketch. The much larger pieces aren't good for a sketch they can't hold a fine point and have to much charcoal to add.

once I have an idea of what I want to do I take a brush and a needed eraser to carve out some details.

I come back in with a 2 b charcoal pencil which will help darken the texture of the trees along with a brush. Then with the help of some mineral spirits in a spray bottle, I add more textures, it also softens the charcoal so I will have to go over it several times before moving on.

The last thing I do is add white charcoal to add a light then soften it out with a brush.

which gives it a soft which I like.

Thank you for diving into this drawing with me don't forget to check out my shops.

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