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How to draw grass!

In this video or post if you're reading the blog. I’ll be you how I drew the grass in this ruins forest wip I've been working on.

I wanted to start out by having some tone. So, I took a brush and start to lay in some tones. I blend them out till I get the effect I want. Then I reestablish a lot of what was lost.

This part took me a while to figure out.

But I decided that I wanted to have a scene where the light was coming from behind. So, everything in the foreground would be darker than in the background.

This is important to drawing the grass because I want the darker tones to be closer to use instead of further away. I'm hoping this will give the illusion that light is coming towards us.

I wanted to start with the edge of the grass so I begin defining the edge and mapping out and planning where I want things to go. I didn't add the roots till later there will be another video or post on that.

I make sure to sharpen my pencil as I go through making small tiny strokes. I’ll try to curve the strokes to give it a natural look. I’ll blend with a brush and then repeat. Once I'm satisfied, I'll move on to the next patch.

This piece is taken me quite a while to work on and it's far from done. This started out as something from my imagination with no reference to test charcoal that I made.

I hope you'll stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter as well as my social to stay up to date with this project!

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