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How to get better at drawing-practice makes perfect

Today I wanted to talk about How to get better at drawing and really any task really.

The thing that sparked this was the mindset that practice makes and so I began to brainstorm ways to improve.

One thing that has helped me improve my drawing is being consistent in my drawing. Drawing every day can help you be familiar with what you are doing which makes it easier to do. The more reps you put in the stronger you will be at that task and the smarter you will be.

Practicing the right things not just practicing the same thing over and over for me this means practicing things that are known to lead to improvements like drawing the structure or building blocks of what I'm drawing.

Trying new things can help open your eyes if you are in a block to things that you may not have tried before like watercolors or even poetry something I'd like to try is painting on wood.

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