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How to shade an egg

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk about shading.

Know this will depend on what you are drawing so let’s get some reference!

Here we go, I’ll start off by getting the shape of the egg I chose an egg because of its simple shape.

It's easy to determine where the lights and darks come in and separate!

I forgot to take photos of the sketch before shading. I tried to remember the lights and shadows of the egg.

Trying to identify the lights and shadows. I used the vine charcoal until I liked what I saw then I switched to the charcoal pencil.

I layered the charcoal until I got what I wanted. I blended each layer with a brush then used a blending stump.

I tried using white charcoal to add highlights and blend in the charcoal I think I need more practice with this though.

I used a mono eraser for the texture in the cloth!

I have mixed feelings on how this turned out so I’ll probably try it again!

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