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How to sharpen a pencil!


· Pencil

· Razor blade knife

· 60 grit sandpaper

· Razor blade knife

Now I know what you’re saying. This looks dangerous and it is, SAFETY FIRST! As long as the blade is pointed away and you keep your hand out of the cutting path, you’ll be fine!

I don’t have many pictures for this one. So, you’ll have to use your imagination. I like to remove the paint first. I use the pencil holder as a reference to know how far I can go. Removing material and turning the blade. You don’t want to remove too much at one time. Doing so could result in breakage increase!

· 60 grit sandpaper

To sharpen the pencil, I like to use 60 grit sandpaper. I haven’t tested other grades of sandpaper out. But I would imagine that the finer the better. The more ruff the sandpaper is the more it may break. But I haven’t tested this yet, so it try it yourself!

· Sanding

I have found that there are many different ways you can sharpen a pencil.

This is the most recent way I’ve found useful. Take your pencil holding it in the middle at a slight angle. Moving it up and down with the flow of the pencil.

Imagine that you are sanding wood and the grain is one straight path! Sand the path of that grain with your pencil.

Sometimes you may want to move it side to side. I myself have fallen victim of wanting the pencil to be sharpened. But have patience for there is no worse feeling than having a pencil break just as your pencil to be sharpened!

Moving the pencil side to side I’ve found can increase breakage!

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the read on what I think is the best way to sharpen your pencil. Sharpening your pencil this way allows you to have access to more of the medium. It also in my opinion limits breakage when done right!

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