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I made charcoal with my nephew Mathew

I went and cut down some tree and removed the bark. Bark dose not really charcoal but it can be made into oil. I grabbed some scrap pieces of wood from the garage that I wasn’t using. I needed a airtight container to put the wood in. luckily I had an old Christmas tin that would be perfect.

My nephew questions so I explained that making charcoal is a process called pyrolization. Pyrolization is a process of burning all the chemicals and gases out of the wood. By the way that blue smoke is the gas it’s also coming out of the sides as well which is why its on fire.

We had to gather lots of wood preferably dry wood because it’s easer to catch. We had cooked the charcoal for about an hour and 30 and the charcoal turned out grate. But this was my first time and mistakes were made.

I didn’t have photos of this part but we were anxious to see how it turned out. Before my nephew left my brother got a plank of wood and we knocked the lid off. To reveal the charcoal it was pretty cool you could smell the charcoal it was later on searching the net that I found out were not supposed to breath it in I found out that it was carbon dioxide and you can get cancer from it we got lucky.

But that’s not where our issue lied, my nephew and his family went home. I was still picking through the charcoal then it happened it caught on fire I was in panic not know what happened then I remembered that im supposed to let it cool for a few hours.

You see during this time you don’t want to introduce air back into the container this is because fire needs air to live no air no fire so I thought that if I was to starve the fire of air it would go out and It did, just take a look at how the charcoal came out!

This was a lot of fun and I learned how to make my own charcoal. I’m working on a second batch because we didn’t record it. I hope to see you there don’t forget you guys can check out my twitch where im streaming art and gaming content Wednesdays and Fridays and my you tube channel new stuff coming there soon https://www.twitch.tv/thomasschermerhorn1433 https://www.facebook.com/drawingillustrationsandart


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