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Jack part 1

Hello everyone this is my story jack part 1 I thought I'd share this with you!

I was 14 when it happened, everything was going grate I had just graduated middle school and entered high school and that’s when my hole life changed. That’s when I grew up!

It was a bright sunny day, birds are chirping, wind is blowing, and I was ready. Ready for high school. I hope out of bed got my shower and got dressed. out the door I went.

As i walk in the door and checked to see where I’ll be placed for the year there stood this tall huge guy towering over me. I could tell who he was just by looking at him. It was client everyone new how he was, and I was the new kid. he just had to be looking straight at me. He walks towards me.

Everyone's staring everyone knows what comes next whispering about what happened to last guy who got in a fight with him. I brace myself as he walks over. ,"Well, well look what we have here a pile of fresh meat waiting to be cooked." He takes my bag," stop "i said as he shoves me to the ground, “I just want to see what you got."

I jump back up and try to grab my bag he knocks me back down and proceeds to kick no one jumping in no one helping," Don't ever do that again." I ask, “why, what did i do". He replies, “BECAUSE I CAN, AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME KNOW ONE CAN HHAHAHAHAH."

I thought I could just avoid him I’d go to class go home and everything would be fine the next day … It wasn’t day after day after day the bullying continued until I decided enough is enough!

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