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Light and shadow

I’m Thomas Schermerhorn and this another drawing illustrations and art video

In the last video or post if you read the blog. I talked about how the construction of a drawing is more important than adding shading. Before I get to the topic of this video. I wanted to talk about this drawing. This drawing is for my man vs giant series I’m making this drawing, so I have some type of reference to use.

In this video, I’ll talk about

The topic is shading, lighting, and form

· How understanding light and form can add depth to your work

· Planes

· How I like to practice them

· Cast shadows

· How understanding light and form can add depth to your work

In life, light hits an object bounces off that object casting itself and traveling to other objects.

By understanding how light acts on an object we can determine a way of capturing it on a 2d surface.

· Planes

When observing an object there are 3 planes to think about. If I’m understanding planes correctly. How I look at planes is

There is usually a light a dark and darkest dark. I’m thinking in the simplest of shapes when dealing in life there are shapes that you must think about like cast shadows.

· Cast shadows

I wanted to make sure I talked about cast shadows. Cast shadows are shadows that appear when light hits another object that

The object creates a cast shadow. Ignoring these would take away from the realism.

· How I like to practice them

Like last time I’d like to give you some ideas on how you can go about practicing this

Observing real life is the best way to learn these things.

I like to take note of how the light hits an object.

How far that light is traveling.

Are there more than 3 forms like with close of building.

You can simplify your practice with boxes or spheres, cylinders or other shapes.

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