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making my own environments

I'm Thomas Schermerhorn and you're watching another drawing illustrations and art video and thanks for reading the blog if you read it.

In this video, I want to talk about Environments. But first the drawing in the background its apart of my man vs giant sires. This is how far I’ve gotten so far! It’s a thumbnail for a much bigger piece.

I’ve been thinking lately about the environments I’m making for my drawing how I can create depth and contrast in a world where it’s not real where it's just all in my head how do I get these things to seem real and stand out.

So as part of my pursuit to create my own reference I’ve decided to try models, maquette and dioramas.

I think that this will help with my work. I like creating realistic world achieving depth and contrast and capturing a realistic world. But when it comes to finding a

reference for what’s in the imagination there’s not much to go on.

I hope to be able to create reference based on this ah who and I kidding I just wanted a chance to try this again. In the comment section below tell me what you think about this idea and the drawing.

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