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Man Vs Giant Destroyed city's # 2

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to share my Destroyed City Thant I've just finished. I wanted to do this drawing to see what the finished result would look like It's part of my man vs giant series. A world where giants and humans are at war with one another.

In this video, I wanted to play around with different ways of adding tone to a drawing. I tried coating Brushes, blending stumps, and Tortillons probably spelled that wrong In graphite. This Was a nice way to add tone to a drawing without so much effort.

You may notice that this piece looks unfinished and that's because it is. I want to do 10 of these drawings before doing a finished piece.

Another thing I wanted to play around with is the darkest value and how certain elements of composition could lead the eye. So I keep in mind where I was placing the dark value along with the direction of trees to help lead the eye to certain places in the composition. My hope is that the viewer stays longer in the piece and feels the effect of the destruction that was caused by the giants!

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