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Man vs giant Playing around with a idea and or concept

I wanted to show off this sketch that I did a couple of months back. Now that I've made a video for it which will be posted on my social media this Wednesday. I'm going to have this come out earlier on here. So I hope you enjoy it.

Starting this piece I had no initial plan or thumbnail planed out. I wanted to play around with the paper which is a bristle vellum paper for dry medium. I used various brushes and blending stumps for blending. I used vine charcoal and white charcoal to block it all in.

Using vine charcoal to establish the perspective and block in the initial shapes for the rocks. I can do this because I laid down some charcoal powder which can from charcoal and sandpaper. After I pull out the highlights I then made dark marks for the darkest areas.

I continue to play with it adding and taking away from it molding and shaping it till it's to my liking. I hope you enjoyed this drawing I enjoyed making it, see you in the next one.

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