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Medieval character 9 x 11 Strathmore Bristol vellum with charcoal

I wanted to draw some medieval characters for the final drawing in my sketchbook.

After sketching this I transferred it to a 9 x 11 sheet of bristle vellum. I went over the whole piece with an HB charcoal pencil. I used a 2-inch brush 2 smudge the charcoal. I then used brushes and blending stumps to lightly add tone to the drawing.

I will go back and forth with adding tone and using an eraser till I get the results I'm looking for. Then I bring in pencils to tighten things up this is more permanent so be careful. I then will bring in some white charcoal to add a final light to it. I used a mop brush to add the background and soften it out.

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