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My new hobby T-shirt printing - The Failures!

Each year I try to do something new. This year I wanted to try T-shirt printing. I had been debating on getting a Heat press for a while now. I found one that I could afford to start out with. This was called vevor I think. You can get this on amazon. In this post, I will be talking

about my failures so far.

My first failure was with the heat press itself. I was using a very brand and but the image on the wrong side facing up. The transfer was looking up and should be facing down this resulted in the image being printed on the heat press itself and yes the next couple of shirts had what was left after using a screwdriver to remove the image on them.

This is a blunder on my part and avery, as well as the new brand I'm trying pen gear.

They all say reverse the image. That's what I did over and over I was told that I should try not reversing the image. Did I, NO I was determined to make these instructions right.

until I wasn't. I stopped reversing the image when I switched brands.

How the blunder of the edges happens I have no idea.

The next thing I thought I'd try my hand in was weeding this spelling could be wrong.

Weeding is the process of cutting and or removing the unwanted material before applying it to the shirt.

I used an Exacto knife To cut out the background. If you look you can my first blunders miss hap rearing its unappealing head.

In the last 2, there's nothing that really happened To these except I need to re-edit the swooping dragon. It's just too dark! I hope you enjoyed reading about my T-shirt blunders eventually you'll be able to buy these not the blunders but the successful ones.

I have decided not to use print OnDemand its a little pricey Instead ill be learning how to use it myself. I haven't taken them down yet but they will be.

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