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Present's for my niece

My Niece wanted me to draw a portrait of her dog Remmy. I was happy to try it out but wasn't sure If I could do it. unfortunately, I can't get likenesses so I used a grid. I set up my grid with a grid app. I don't have a video or photos of how this turned out.

I wasn't sure how this would turn out and didn't want the pressure of making a good picture.

and I did like how this turned out. My goal for this was to capture the likeness of the dog and put an artistic spin on it.

After getting a sketch I wanted to cover the page in charcoal soft removable charcoal. If any

pencils were added they were added on the line to make it permanent so as not to lose them to go away when I blend them.

After I covered the page in charcoal I took and removed the spaces of white on the dog.

Then I surrounded the drawing with powdery charcoal that I made around the corners of the drawing which gave it a dreamy effect.

The lines were created with a rigged sponge I call this the action line effect and use it in almost all my drawings. The last thing I did was spray this with mineral spirits which gives it a little texture that goes with the dreamy look I wanted. I sprayed this with fixative and repeated the process until it was as dark as I liked.

Now comes the bright of the brights. with a white piece of charcoal, I went over the parts of the drawing where I wanted the most attention you don't want white and black everywhere because it will flatten your work.

You want a balance of tone your whitest white and blackest black should go to the parts of your drawing where the most interest lies to attract your viewer to let everything else fade away into the distance so that we may just wonder what that thing is what is doing or where it's going.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this artwork. While you can't buy this piece you can buy other works check out my shops if you would like to support me or own my work.

eBay https://www.ebay.com/usr/drawingillustrationsandart

redouble https://www.redbubble.com/people/Thomas1433/shop?asc=u&ref=account-nav-dropdown

and here https://www.drawingillustrationsandarts.com/merch

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