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Smoke nude charcoal drawing with smoke creature.

I started this project to test out and play with graphs which can be found here!

This was my first attempt at creating a larger drawing with a graph.

I didn't like how this one was going and decided to go a different route.

Restarting the project I decided to use charcoal for the graph. Normally the charcoal will fade. It did not. I want to take a moment to tell you about the material I've been working with.

  • The paper is Strathmore bristol vellum smooth

  • charcoal pencils

  • various brushes and blending stumps

  • white charcoal pencils

  • compressed charcoal

  • and some broccoli salad yum

The broccoli salad is a must for this project it won't turn out without it.

After getting the grid set up I laid a nice tone down to get rid of the white of the page.

This will let me redesign most of what's on the page, not including our permanent friends.

one thing I noticed with charcoal is you have to go over it a few times to get a smooth result.

This was where I had eventually decided to call it I don't think I'll be selling this one because of the grid lines. I used compressed charcoal for the background and brushes and blending stumps to blend.

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