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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Hey guys, I wanted to try a sunset drawing and I think i've gotten to A point where I"ts time to call this. My goals quickly deviated for this drawing. Originally I wanted A sunset look which meant less light on the rocks and in the foreground!

I thought what I achieved with the figures was ok.

I did have reference for them and my goal was to create a silhouette. But I think i deviated from the reference because the seems to be all over. woops!

For the environment I wanted to really play with light here.

and this is where I lost my sense and concept of the silhouette.

I should have limited myself on maybe even leave out the brightest light like I

did above and to the left.

I did enjoy working on the rocks achieving the highlights in the water where the rocks meet the water.

At this point I just adding random stuff mountains, cliffs, and random structures and at this point I was losing interest.

I learned so much from this piece and can't wait for the next one.

I could have refined this a little bit more

but I decided to call this one.

I think the important thing is that i got this on paper. I can now move forward and

with this piece.

My focus for the next project will be the values.

If I could say a little about the background I used the charcoal stick to soon. I was not able to create the sun because of this a lesson I'll remember in the next one.

I think that my inexperience in doing big drawings is why I had so much trouble with this But it has to end sometime

I hope you found this useful I think this was a good spot to end this see you in the next one.

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