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The Drawing Session Figure Drawing Session # 60 Nude female with charcoal

Hello everyone, I'm Thomas Schermerhorn. Today I have a nude female figure drawing I'm using charcoal on sketchbook paper.

I started out with 30-second poses. This is a good warm-up because There's not enough time to capture the shape of the entire figure. Quick Strokes and lines necessary here.

I have tried to memorize different shapes and angles. Being able to see these has helped me to capture the feeling quicker and have a better understanding of what I want in my final sketch.

It can be easy to recognize an object as one big shape and think of just that shape this is how our brains naturally see things as one big shape it’s the left analytic part of our brain telling you I know what this looks like.

But the right part of your brain sees shapes and is able to break up objects into shapes so instead of drawing the body your drawing multiple shapes or parts of the body. This makes whatever I'm drawing easier to process and having that information allows me to make faster discussions.

For the final drawing she was lying in the water she was laid back and her arm was supporting her weight. I wanted to get the rim of the water. That met her left leg.

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