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The Drawing Session Figure Drawing Session # 61 Nude Female With Charcoal!

In this session I start out as usual with a warm-up I'm sorry if you're getting tired of hearing that. but I want you to get a good idea of what my results are. Each pose lets me explore a possible final sketch.

I'm trying to think of shapes, forms, lines, and angels. My goal is to have something I can take back to my easel and apply It to a finished drawing or work. That’s what I feel a sketchbook is for. It’s a way to explore!

A lot of these poses I had trouble with in the past. Seeing them multiple times has helped me memorize the shapes, lines, forms and angels. The trick is to not get bogged down in the details. Take what you’ve learned and move to the next one. As hard as that is.

The charcoal I used in this session was homemade. At some point, I'm going to make a video about it. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Like certain wood not being soft enough. Some even turned brown. It had a light mark to it.

For the last drawing, her legs were spread wide open. I tried my best to get an accurate sketch but I think I was rushing her head was looking up and her mouth was open. The brownish charcoal Kinda through me off and did not want to erase at all. I brought in charcoal pencils to work with and then blend them with a variety of brushes.

I then used some white charcoal pencils to add some light. I must have been confused about the light source because the lower right has a huge amount of light hitting it.

Anyways thank you for watching and reading This was really just me exploring the materials I made. If you could subscribe to me on my social media and my website to which I and upload first some really cool works in progress coming there soon.

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