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Why I Think Digital art is not for beginners

I’m Thomas Schermerhorn and you're watching another drawing illustrations and art video.

The drawing you see in the video is apart of my man vs giants sires this is how far I’ve gotten.

In this video ill talk about

How digital art is not for beginners.

Over the years of drawing, browsing the internet and trying digital art myself I feel like I can form an opinion.

On YouTube, you see a lot of beginners do in digital. But there’s not really any form or depth to their drawing.

This isn’t a topic on what’s better traditional or digital this is a topic on why digital isn’t good for the beginning artist.

When you begin in any type of thing you need to learn the basics art is no different.

Line, shape, form, construction are all things you need to learn to become a better artist.

But digital art lets you cover up your mistakes allowing you to not have to correct them or even see them.

I believe that every beginning artist should focus on the basics for there first 5 years then once thieve learned them

Switch to digital or your own preferred media.

I hope you enjoyed reading or watching don’t forget to comment below see you guys soon.

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