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Why is line work important line work?

I’m Thomas Schermerhorn and you're watching another drawing lustrations and art video or reading if you read the blog.

The drawing you see is apart of my man vs giant series and this is how far I’ve gotten.

There’s not much to say about this it’s just basics in this video will be talking about

· Why I think line work is important

· How I plan to practice

· Why do I think line work is important?

I think being able to produce a smooth or straight line is important and useful.

Being able to have control over the line. It's just good practice.

· How do I plan to practice?

I have a sketchbook that I don’t show to anyone when I don’t feel like drawing, I resort to this.

I’ll put circles and boxes different shapes and lines in it I may even let my mind run amuck.

The whole point is to practice.

Now it's

your turn in the comment section below how would you practice line work.

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