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You can draw

I’m Thomas Schermerhorn and you watch another drawing illustrations and art video.

In this video, I want to talk about how you can draw you can draw anything and you can draw any ware and in front of anyone ok this is getting kind of corny.

Before we get into this topic I want to talk about the artwork in the background and thankyou for watching the channel and reading the blog. This drawing is apart of a much bigger project called man vs giant. This was a thumbnail that I was getting a little carried away from.

Anyways let's get into the topic of this video which is YOU CAN DRAW.

First things first and I apologize if this seems drawn out. But this happens to me a lot.

I’m in Walmart doing my drawing thing when a random person comes up and says “man, I wish I could draw like that”. I almost never say something I don’t want to offend someone. This was an older guy he told me how he these mechanical like drawings.

I’m not saying that any type of drawing is easy. I usually draw the human figure and I don’t see myself as someone who’s amazing at it but I have learned I don’t have to be and neither do you. You just need a basic understanding of it’s shapes and how they connect.

For example, let’s use the spine to find the pose then find the angel of the ribcage, torso, and pelvis now connect these with each other. I like to make sure that I’m drawing in all six dimensions when drawing in this phase. This ensures that I have a three-dimensional shape when shading.

The human figure makes it self-seem difficult when looked at as one-hole thing but when we break it down and we look at how the bones, muscle, and flesh connect to one another it’s a lot less complicated.

I have trouble with drawing city’s and machinery, but I think that anything is possible through the understanding of how things connect.

Thank you for watching don’t forget to comment like and subscribe for more videos.

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